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Injector Skates and Cylinders

Benefits of Celtic Pride's Patented Skate System:

  • The skate design is a re-circulating ball bearing system. These skates have a proven record; they have been in used in the field for over six years with great success. Each skate has approximately 300 tool steel ball bearings that circulate in three 4140 machined tracks. There are no bearings to fail, no rollers or chain to break and they are low maintenance. The skates trap the grease in the tracks and only require greasing once a week.

  • The wear strip of the skate is a replaceable one-piece 4140 hardened track. This eliminates having to throw away the entire skate when it eventually wears.

  • With the skate having three rows of ball bearings, this provides the dies with a solid base that the force can spread over a wide area. The dies will not rock on the skate.

  • Each ball bearing has an ultimate yield of almost 296,000 lbs, with 150 balls per side in contact with the dies at any time. This skate system can handle squeeze pressures that exceed any other traction system in the industry.

  • Depending on the model, the skate cylinders have three or four 4.6” pancake cylinders milled into a solid 8”x 4” plate. This plate is the backbone of the Injector holding the side-plates together. Unlike every other Injector design, we do not have hoses running between each cylinder. The skates have machined internal hydraulic porting between each cylinder. This eliminates the chance of blowing one of the many hydraulic hoses and losing control of the pipe. These Skate cylinders are double acting.

  • The skate cylinders apply the squeeze force directly to the back of the die, no shaft between cylinders, eliminating deflection of shaft.

  • Celtic Pride has over 100 sets of the re-circulating ball bearing skates working in the field. No Injector has ever been stuck on the well with a traction failure using this system. We have one Injector with over 4 million running meters on the skate and still in service.

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